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AI Chatbot
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What is WhatsApp AI Chatbot?

A WhatsApp AI chatbot for your business is like having a support assistant who is always ready to help. The Robofy WhatsApp chatbot allows businesses to provide 24x7 customer service by answering questions, and handling tasks like sending updates or processing orders—all through WhatsApp messages.

To use a chatbot on WhatsApp, you need to use the WhatsApp business API, as the regular WhatsApp Business App doesn't support chatbots. With Robofy, you get the free WhatsApp business API.Having a chatbot on WhatsApp makes customer service faster and more efficient, enhancing the overall experience with a brand.

You can try it for free! Want to know more? Give us a call on 91 9099913364 or book a demo.

How Does AI Chatbot Work?

01 Create a chatbot by fetching all the pages on your website.
02 Get a New WhatsApp number and start Embedded Signup flow  after login.
03 Link your chatbot with WhatsApp Number.
04 Test and optimize your content or advanced settings.
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Benefits of WhatsApp AI chatbot

24x7 availability

The WhatsApp AI chatbot is online 24x7. Thus catering to all the customer queries on WhatsApp round the clock.

Engaging potential customers

When individuals contact your business via WhatsApp, AI chatbots can initiate conversations and keep the customer engaged.

Lead qualification

AI chatbots for WhatsApp serve as your initial filter to identify valuable leads. They ask pertinent questions to figure out if someone is truly interested and likely to become a customer.

Nurturing leads

WhatsApp AI chatbots help maintain interest by sending regular updates and exclusive offers, keeping your business in the minds of potential customers and increasing their likelihood of making a purchase.

Time efficiency

WhatsApp AI chatbots operate autonomously around the clock, saving you time by focusing on the most promising leads.

Promotion distribution

Acting as your heralds for good news, WhatsApp AI chatbots disseminate promotional offers and discounts to your customers, enhancing awareness of your great deals.

Personalized recommendations

These savvy chatbots offer personalized suggestions based on individual customer preferences, like sending sneaker-related discounts to those who frequently purchase sneakers.

Handling FAQs and general queries

WhatsApp AI chatbots can manage routine questions and general inquiries, such as store hours, product specifics, or order status.

High accessibility

With approximately 2.5 billion active users, WhatsApp is the most accessible platform for deploying a WhatsApp chatbot.

Quick issue resolution

The AI chatbot for WhatsApp can swiftly address customer problems, reducing the need for more expensive human intervention and saving both time and costs.

Lead education

The AI chatbot for WhatsApp can effortlessly educate your customers about your business, helping to boost sales.

Process automation

AI-driven automation with a WhatsApp chatbot replaces the need to manually respond to each message, streamlining communication processes.

Amazing Features of using a WhatsApp AI Chatbot

Easy Embedded WhatsApp Signup

No WhatsApp Integration Cost

WhatsApp Inbox

In-depth analytics

Rapid Response

How to get Official WhatsApp API?

arrow 1 2 mins
arrow 2 2 mins
arrow 3 45 mins
4 5 mins

Industry use cases for WhatsApp AI Chatbot

WhatsApp AI Chatbot revolutionizes industries by transforming operations and customer service. In real estate, agents effortlessly showcase properties and manage transactions to their customers over WhatsApp. Healthcare pros schedule appointments and handle patient records with ease. Education sees streamlined admissions and class enrollments. WhatsApp chatbot provides 24/7 support, boosting efficiency and customer satisfaction on the customer’s most preferred channel.

white label chatbot for real estate

Boost sales with fast order confirmations, updates on delivery, and easy ways for customers to ask questions.

White Label Healthcare Chatbot

Make booking, checking in, and guest services smoother for a better stay.

white label chatbot for Education

Share learning materials, update students on assignments, and support students’ needs.

white label chatbot platform for Banking

Improve customer service with instant help, track orders, and suggest products based on what customers like.

white label chatbot solution for Tourism

Help with booking doctor appointments, remind patients to take their medicine, and allow doctor visits over the phone.

white label chatbot solution for eCommerce websites

Send updates on finances, alert customers to transactions, and help keep accounts secure with extra login steps.

How to get started with a WhatsApp AI chatbot

  • Pre-requisites for Official WhatsApp
You will need the following to get started:
  • Documents and other requirements to get an Official WhatsApp API Account created
  • Send bulk campaignsEmail,
  • Send bulk campaignsLive website URL,
  • Send bulk campaignsFacebook Account,
  • Send bulk campaignsA mobile number that has been never registered on WhatsApp before,
  • Send bulk campaignsCompany formation document available in your country,
  • Send bulk campaignsCompany address proof document such as tax certificate etc.
  • Verified Green Tick

Yes. But green-tick verification is subject to Facebook policies.

Check your business eligibility for Green-tick verification here.

  • Banning of Numbers
No, the number will not get banned unless reported or blocked by a significantly large number of users for several consecutive days.
  • Set-up Charge
Completely free
  • Per message charge
    Meta, parent company of WhatsApp charges message cost and it needs to be paid to them.
Per message price of countries

If your country is not mentioned above, refer to this document, price rate in USD, price rate in INR

  • Set-up Time
Application is processed immediately. Approval from Facebook may take 1-5 days.


There are a plethora of chatbot tools for WhatsApp. But not all of them are AI chatbot tools for WhatsApp. Unlike Robofy, there are others who provide chatbot tools, but don't have AI technology integrated in it. We have given a brief summary of other WhatsApp chatbot tools.

Chatbot Pricing Best known for
AI chatbot for WhatsApp, Website, WordPress
Chatbot for SMS and social media
Snitch Engage
Keyword automation chatbot
WhatsApp automation chatbot

Businesses have seen significant improvements after integrating AI chatbots. These advanced chatbots are proving to be more efficient across various customer service functions:

  • integrating AI chatbots35% of users turn to AI chatbots for resolving complaints or getting detailed information.
  • integrating AI chatbots74% of online users prefer chatbots for simple queries.
  • integrating AI chatbots41.3% of shoppers have started using digital assistants for making purchases.
  • integrating AI chatbots33% of consumers use chatbots to book restaurants or hotels.
  • integrating AI chatbots40% of web users don't mind whether they are assisted by bots or humans, as long as their issues are addressed.
  • integrating AI chatbotsThe 24/7 availability of chatbots is valued by 64% of customers as the most beneficial feature.

Why choose us?

Using Robofy’s WhatsApp AI chatbot you get

We've provided a quick overview explaining why Robofy is the top choice among AI chatbot providers for websites.

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  • WhatsApp automation and chatbot
  • Meta API

FAQ's of WhatsApp AI Chatbot

What is a WhatsApp Chatbot and how can it benefit my business?

A WhatsApp Chatbot is an automated messaging tool that integrates with WhatsApp, enabling businesses to provide instant, automated customer support and engagement directly through WhatsApp.

Can Robofy's WhatsApp Bot handle customer queries efficiently?

Yes, Robofy's WhatsApp Bot is designed to handle customer queries efficiently 24x7, reducing support time and costs significantly.

How does Robofy's ChatGPT WhatsApp Bot differ from regular chatbots?

Robofy's ChatGPT powered WhatsApp Bot utilizes ChatGPT's advanced AI technology for automatic chatbot training, enabling more intelligent and context-aware interactions with users.

How can a WhatsApp Chatbot for Business help with customer engagement?

Robofy's WhatsApp Chatbot for Business enables companies to automate customer interactions on WhatsApp, offering quick, consistent, and personalized support, which significantly improves customer engagement and satisfaction.

Which are the supported Website platform for Robofy’s WhatsApp Bot?

Robofy’s WhatsApp Bot supports all the website platforms like Wix, Shopify etc. Easily crawl any website, and create the WhatsApp chatbot in minutes.

Which content type does Robofy’s WhatsApp AI chatbot support?

The content can be in the form of a DOC, PDF or website. The WhatsApp Chatbot will easily crawl and collect the content data from it.

Which languages does the WhatsApp Chatbot support?

Robofy’s WhatsApp bot supports more than 50 languages like English, Spanish, Portuguese etc.

How to choose the best WhatsApp chatbot platform?

Choosing WhatsApp AI chatbot for your business depends on many factors. Some of the most important ones are listed below.

Large customer influx: If you have a large amount of users visiting your site everyday for queries regarding your business, having a WhatsApp chatbot is beneficial.

Pricing: According to your business needs, the pricing should be justifiable. For example, to invest $500/- month for a business which rarely gets customer queries won't be a good choice of investment.

Integration capabilities: Make sure that the chatbot can easily integrate with your existing technologies. So that chatbot can easily integrate with your system and work smoothly.

How can an AI chatbot enhance customer experience on WhatsApp?

AI bots improve the customer experience on WhatsApp by offering immediate support, efficient help, personalized interactions, consistent responses, cost-effectiveness, enhanced engagement, and valuable data collection for a smooth and pleasing customer journey.

Can an AI chatbot help reduce operational costs for my business?

Yes, AI chatbots reduce operational costs by automating routine tasks, providing round-the-clock service, scaling with demand, ensuring consistent responses, and boosting overall efficiency.

Can AI chatbots contribute to driving sales and marketing efforts?

Yes, AI chatbots can boost sales and marketing by generating leads, supporting customers, recommending products, automating sales tasks, sharing promotions, and providing insights through data analytics.

How can AI chatbots enhance business productivity on WhatsApp?

AI chatbots increase business productivity on WhatsApp by offering effective customer support, continuous availability, process automation, instant access to information, data analysis, and proactive customer engagement.

Is customer data safe when interacting with an AI chatbot on WhatsApp?

Customer data remains secure when interacting with an AI chatbot on WhatsApp. WhatsApp uses end-to-end encryption, and it is crucial for businesses to adopt security practices to safeguard customer information. Always choose reliable chatbot providers.

What are the requirements for being able to integrate a chatbot with WhatsApp?

To integrate a chatbot with WhatsApp successfully, your business must have access to the official WhatsApp Business API and a verified Facebook Business account. You also need a WhatsApp business phone number that is registered.

Do you offer support resources on WhatsApp bot creation?

Yes, we provide a wide array of support resources such as WhatsApp guides, detailed documentation, and academy videos to assist you in maximizing the use of the WhatsApp chatbot builder.

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