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Grow your IT business or start a completely new online business with the self-hosted version of Robofy. A completely independent and reliable white labeled chatbot self-hosted platform to resell at your own set prices.

check-circleFull un-encrypted source code
check-circleSelf hosted platform on your own AWS server
check-circleIdeal for GDPR compliances

Benefits of self-hosted AI chatbot platform

Own hosting
Own hosting

Our self-hosting plan offers full control and customization on your own AWS server, eliminating reliance on our servers for compliance.

Easily extendable

Host the entire application on your server, customize appearance and design, tweak C# and .NET core code for a fresh customer experience.

Unlimited revenue

Host your application, set prices for various chatbot plans tailored to your audience, configure unlimited plans for earning revenue.

Easy user management

Robofy's self-hosted platform simplifies user license management. Add or remove licenses, set dates, and customize features effortlessly.

Seamless integration

With the self-hosted platform, access Web APIs to automate license generation for customers. Connect with other products like Zapier, Make, etc., ensuring seamless integration with diverse tools.

Quick setup

Upon purchase, our deployment team takes charge, completing the setup process within a week. Within 7 days, you'll have a fully functional product ready for selling.

GDPR compliant

For EU-based audiences, deploy the application in a European data center to comply with GDPR regulations. We can also develop custom functionalities for full regulatory compliance, simplifying sales to EU enterprises.

regular updates
Regular Updates

Get monthly updates for the platform, which you can opt to receive quarterly, aligning with your business needs.

Chatbot Icon Who we are?

Robofy started in June 2023.

We're a dedicated team of developers and designers striving to create the
most advanced chatbot solution available.

Our self-hosted reseller plan empowers you, enabling you to host our chatbot solution on your own servers and determine your pricing.

This grants you total control over the chatbot platform, allowing customization and updates to suit your market needs.

2M +

Number of chatbot conversations


Designers and Developers


Hosted Clients


Client Retention Ratio

Chatbot Icon How it works?

Discover the straightforward steps to success with our self-hosted reseller plan.Begin by scheduling a demo with us to learn more about the product, then proceed with the purchase. After payment, our experts will assist you through each step of onboarding and deployment on your server.

Book a demo

We encourage customers to explore Robofy's free plan before moving forward. Additionally, you can schedule a free demo with our chatbot expert to learn about using the self-hosted plan. Book now at this link.

Get a quotation & place your order

Once familiar, we'll provide a tailored quotation based on your business needs. Precise pricing for the chatbot reseller plan is crucial, as many clients seek customization. You'll receive a payment link for order completion and invoicing.

AWS Server setup

Our AI Chatbot platform utilizes AWS services like Lambda, EC2, etc., needing your Amazon AWS Server account for setup. Our deployment expert will guide you, ensuring server privacy during offboarding.

Training & Handover

Once fully hosted on your server, our demo team will train you on all product modules, maximizing the chatbot's impact. We'll equip you with everything necessary for independent product management.

Features of self-hosted white label reseller plan

Your own brand

The platform will be hosted on your own platform with your logo, colors, and your branding.

Set your own prices

You have the freedom to set the chatbot’s price as per the target customer and their needs.

License management (UI)

Create your own marketing website and you can generate licenses for all the customers who bought chatbot from you.

Complete freedom

Since its self-hosted, you're not bound to us in any manner. We don't ask for any commissions or royalty fees from you.

Source code access

You get full un-encrypted source and you can modify or extend the platform as per your tech skills.

Powerful ChatGPT integration

Use any OpenAI model like ChatGPT 3.5 or 4.0 so that you can sell it as per the preference of your customer.

Reseller dashboard from Robofy

We give you a dashboard that's easy to use as a white label AI SaaS provider. It lets you take care of everything for your customers, like their accounts, billing, and support.

Feature management

Customize access to features for your clients based on their subscription level—more control to reward higher-paying customers as a whitelabel chatbot service.

License management API

Automatically provide licenses to your customers right after they make a payment, enhancing your capabilities as a chatbot reseller.

Start selling now with Self hosted AI Chatbot platform

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AI chatbot Lifetime Pricing Plan

Reseller white label - self- hosted with source code - lifetime

  • check-circleUnlimited web pagesA web page is any one website page URL.
  • check-circleUnlimited WebsiteYou can buy multiple plans to add more website's.
  • check-circleChat Inbox
  • check-circle Chat Ratings
  • check-circleChat Analytics
  • check-circleLicense management
  • check-circleUnlimited Chat Replies
  • check-circleUse your own OpenAI Key
  • check-circleWordPress Website Theme
  • check-circleUse your own domain name
  • check-circleSet your own price to resell
  • check-circle GDPR Compliance Support
  • check-circleWeb hosting included
  • check-circleYour logo and company name
  • check-circleSource Code (.NET Core, C#, etc.)
  • check-circleSetup within 3 days of order
  • check-circleChatGPT 3.5/4.0 Model
  • check-circleHost on your own AWS ServerWe will install entire application on AWS Cloud Server.

FAQ's for our AI chatbot

What do I get in the White label - Source code plan? Do you provide source code? In which programming language is Robofy written?

With the whitelabel source code you’ll get the current source code of the software so you can develop the software yourself and add or subtract features as per your requirement.
You can also provide white label panel to your customer like we do with the source code as you’ll have the same software that we have. You’ll get the source code of the current software.
The source code is written in technologies like .NET Core, C#, AWS Lambda, HTML, CSS, etc.

What are the server specifications & technical requirements?

We only support AWS server as we are dependent on AWS lambda functions. You will need a Windows servers with SQL Server. A simple t2. Small instance of AWS should work fine for this application.

How many licenses can I generate in Whitelabel?

You can generate unlimited licenses.

Do you provide updates to the platform? What is included in the updates?

We provide free updates if the application is hosted on our server. $199 / update if hosted on your server. In updates, we provide bug-fixes if any, new features, improvements etc to the platform.

What if I want refund?

Refund is not possible as we put a lot of effort in building this codebase and setting up the Whitelabel version for you.

Do you provide EU GDPR privacy?

Yes, you can host this application in your Europe region AWS data center for added GDPR compliance.

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