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Get instant chatbot replies to your customer' queries. Integrate with your WhatsApp, FB Messenger, Email, etc to build great products for your users.

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Our tool is powered by ChatGPT and is able to answer almost all the questions correctly if you have added sufficient content in the Robofy panel. By leveraging this API, you can build amazing product on top of the API.

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Chatbot API FAQ's

What is the purpose of the Robofy Chatbot API?

The Robofy Chatbot API allows you to interact with the Robofy AI system to handle customer queries and provide automated responses.

How do I authenticate my requests to the API?

To authenticate your requests, include an API Key in the headers of your HTTP requests using the x-api-key header.

What is the purpose of the Robofy Licence Management API?

The Robofy Licence Management API provides tools for generating, updating, retrieving, and deleting licences for the system, specifically for managing licences associated with Whitelabel users.

What are the main endpoints of the Licence Management API?

The main endpoints include:

  1. Generate Licence: POST /v1/generate-licence
  2. Update Licence: POST /v1/update-licence
  3. Get Licence: GET /v1/get-licence
  4. Delete Licence: POST /v1/delete-licence
How can I update an existing licence using the API?

You can update an existing licence by sending a POST request to /v1/update-licence with the required parameters like LicenceId, UserName, UserPassword, Email, StartDate, EndDate, OpenAIKey, TotalWebsites, and TotalPages in the request body.

How can I retrieve licence details using the API?

You can retrieve licence details by sending a GET request to /v1/get-licence with the query parameters UserName, Password, and UserEmail.

How can I delete a licence using the API?

You can delete a licence by sending a POST request to /v1/delete-licence with the query parameters UserName, Password, and UserEmail.

What is an API Key?

An API Key is a unique identifier that you include in your API requests to authenticate and authorize your access to the API. It helps control who can use the API and how much they can use it.

What is the request and response format in APIs?

Requests are usually in JSON format and contain the necessary data for the API to perform the requested action. Responses from the API are also often in JSON format and include data, status codes, and other relevant information.

How can I test an API before integrating it into my application?

APIs often provide sandbox environments or test endpoints where you can experiment with the API's functionalities without affecting production data.

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