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Build White label chatbots today! As a white label AI chatbot reseller, we offer customizable, AI-driven solutions to enhance your brand.

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 white label chatbot agency

Benefits of AI chatbot white label reseller program

Take the first step towards transforming your business with Robofy's white label AI SaaS platform. Contact us today to learn more about how Robofy can help you revolutionize your customer experience and achieve your business goals.

Total white labeling solution

Robofy's white labeling solutions let you put your own brand on our AI Chatbot SaaS product, so it feels completely yours. You can get started almost immediately—setting up takes just 1-2 working days. You won’t see our name anywhere; instead, your logo and colors will be everywhere, making the product look like it's been yours all along.

Increase revenue

You set the prices and keep all the profits since we don’t charge any commissions or royalty fees. The platform is super easy to use. With our powerful ChatGPT integration, your customers will get top-notch interactions right out of the box.

Set your own price

With Robofy, you have the freedom to set your own prices for the AI Chatbot SaaS product. This flexibility means you can determine your own margins based on your business goals and the needs of your market. There are no commissions or royalty fees to worry about; the price you set is what you earn. This autonomy not only enhances your profit potential but also allows you to compete more effectively by tailoring prices to different customer segments or promotional strategies.

Our platform supports this pricing freedom with a host of features that add value for your customers, like powerful ChatGPT integration and customizable license management. Whether you’re aiming for volume sales with competitive pricing or targeting premium markets with higher rates, Robofy gives you the tools to do it effortlessly.

Cloud-based platform

Access the platform from anywhere, using any device, and benefit from our white label AI SaaS technology

Amazing customer service

Our support team is always ready to help you, ensuring your success as a chatbot reseller.

Easy to sell

Selling our world-class chatbot is as easy as selling candy to a child, thanks to our comprehensive white label chatbot reseller program.

Features of white label chatbot

Start by exploring Robofy's robust features and capabilities. With our user-friendly interface and customizable options, you can tailor your chatbot to suit your business's unique needs and brand identity.

Your brand everywhere

The platform will feature your logo, colors, and all that showcases your brand.

Choose your own prices

You have the freedom to set the platform's price however you see fit.

License management (UI)

Quickly generate new licenses and set their activation and expiration dates with ease.

Complete independence

You're not bound to us in any manner. We don't ask for commissions or royalty fees from your customers.

Easy web hosting

Just link your website's address to our IP, and leave the setup to us. Our team will take care of everything else.

Instant activation

Purchase today and begin reselling immediately.With Robofy, you're ready to start in just 1-2 working days, unlike other IT reseller programs.

Reseller dashboard from Robofy

We give you a dashboard that's easy to use as a white label AI SaaS provider. It lets you take care of everything for your customers, like their accounts, billing, and support.

Feature management

Customize access to features for your clients based on their subscription level—more control to reward higher-paying customers as a whitelabel chatbot service.

License management API

Automatically provide licenses to your customers right after they make a payment, enhancing your capabilities as a chatbot reseller.

How to start your white label chatbot agency?

Robofy offers a chatbot white label service, allowing businesses to seamlessly integrate AI chatbots into their existing platforms while maintaining brand consistency. Businesses can leverage Robofy's white label chatbot builder to create bespoke chatbot solutions that align perfectly with their brand's voice and objectives.


Buy white label plan

Purchase Robofy’s white label reseller plan.


Attract customers

Find and bring in people who need the AI chatbot.


Market the product

Promote AI chatbot using marketing campaigns to reach a wide audience.


Earn profits

Earn as your clients complete their purchases.

White label chatbot reseller plan

Explore our comprehensive White label chatbot reseller plan, to effortlessly deploy and customize AI-powered chatbot solutions under your own brand.

AI Chatbot Reseller Plan - Yearly

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  • check-circle1000 webpages per websiteA web page is any one website page URL.
  • check-circle50 WebsitesYou can buy multiple plans to add more website's.
  • check-circleChat Inbox
  • check-circle Chat Ratings
  • check-circle Chat Analytics
  • check-circleUnlimited Chat Replies
  • check-circleUse your own OpenAI Key
  • check-circleWordPress Website Theme
  • check-circleUse your own domain name
  • check-circleLicense management
  • check-circleSet your own price to resell
  • check-circleWeb hosting included
  • check-circleYour logo and company name
  • check-circleSource Code
  • check-circleHosting on your server

Who can join Robofy’s white label chatbot reseller program?

Join Robofy's chatbot reseller program to unlock new revenue streams and offer innovative chatbot solutions to your clients under your own brand. Work closely with our team to customize the chatbot to align with your brand and deploy it across your website, social media channels, and other customer touchpoints.

IT startups

Kickstart your business with our white label AI software program. Skip the lengthy R&D phase and channel your efforts into marketing and sales instead.

Website development companies

Enhance your clients' websites with advanced chatbot white label solutions, increasing your service offerings and helping businesses thrive.


Begin your freelancing venture with a pre-built, powerful AI white label chatbot. Concentrate on marketing and start generating income and be your own boss.

Digital marketing companies

Use our white label AI SaaS reseller program to elevate your clients' online presence and achieve new milestones.

Total solution providers

Offer your clients additional value by incorporating white label AI chatbot solutions into your existing services.

IT consultants

Enhance your consultancy services by integrating white label chat bot solutions, offering innovative approaches to your clients' needs.

Industry use cases for white label AI chatbot

Robofy's AI Chatbot transforms how industries operate and serve their customers. In real estate, it helps agents showcase properties and manage transactions effortlessly. Healthcare professionals use it to schedule appointments and handle patient records. In education, it streamlines admissions and class enrollments. Across all these sectors, our chatbot ensures 24/7 support, making it a key tool for boosting efficiency and enhancing customer satisfaction.

white label chatbot for real estate

Real Estate

Utilize a white label AI software for real estate agents to display properties, offer virtual tours, and manage payment reminders efficiently with an AI chatbot.

White Label Healthcare Chatbot

Health care

Simplify scheduling appointments and handling reports using a white label AI chatbot designed for healthcare.

white label chatbot for Education


Automate processes like admission enquiry, class enrollment using a chatbot white label solution for education.

white label chatbot platform for Banking


Enhance customer service, streamline processes, and deliver updates in banking with a white label chat bot.

white label chatbot solution for Tourism


Enable dream vacations with AI white label automation for effortless ticket bookings, hotel reservations, and more in tourism.

white label chatbot solution for eCommerce websites


Boost the shopping experience with an white label AI saas AI chatbot, making browsing and purchasing seamless in eCommerce.

Flight Booking white label chatbot

Airline ticketing

Implement a white label live chat AI chatbot for airlines to assist in booking tickets, handling customer luggage tracking, and more.

Hotel Assistance white label AI Chatbot


Facilitate room booking, handle client escalations, and much more with the use of a whitelabel chatbot for hotels.

Customer support white label AI Chatbot

Customer support

Provide 24x7 customer support to your website visitors using an white label AI chatbot for websites.


Client Success Stories with Our White Label Chatbot Solutions

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FAQs for AI chatbot reseller program

What is a white label chatbot?

A chatbot is a tool that you can easily place on your website to automate customer conversations. Now a white label website chatbot is an enhanced version that you can buy from any IT company to resell the chatbot to your customers. The IT company would get paid for the software while you would be paid for the services provided to your client.

Can you whitelabel ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a proprietary product of OpenAI company and so you cannot completely whitelabel it. However you can use tools like Robofy that can create a custom ChatGPT for your business and thus you can have a white label chat GPT for your own purpose

What benefits do I get with the white-label chatbot reseller program?

You get to put your own branding, set your own prices, and open a new revenue stream using the white label chatbot program.

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