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Create a custom GPT AI chatbot for your website and offer a revolutionary way to engage with visitors, provide instant support, and improve overall user satisfaction.

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Ai chatbot For Your Website
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Escape the chaos. Sail through customer support easily with AI chatbot.

Facing a storm of customer queries and support tickets can feel like you're lost at sea. But imagine turning that chaos into a smooth sail. That's what Robofy does. It's not just an AI chatbot, but your smart companion transforming every interaction from mere talk to meaningful connection.

With Robofy, the AI is not just answering questions; its creating human-like experiences with advanced understanding and personalized responses. To experience this powerful AI chatbot, book a 1:1 exclusive demo meeting or give us a call on +91 9099913364.

Let Robofy guide you to calmer waters.

100+ websites

Uses Robofy chatbot

Uses Robofy chatbot

Benefits of using AI chatbot for your website


Reduce support time & cost

AI chatbots help businesses reduce support costs by automating responses to common queries, thus minimizing the need for human intervention.

Boost website engagement

Instantly answer user queries, reducing bounce rates and increasing user interest and engagement.

Instant & accurate answers

Our chatbot is just like ChatGPT and responds to inquiries using your specific content, providing immediate replies in a human-like conversational tone.

Supported Website Platforms

Supported website platforms

Robofy's AI chatbot is compatible with Wix, WordPress, Shopify, WooCommerce, and more. To swiftly integrate with your website, Sign up, enter your URL, and enjoy automated interactions.

Supported content

Supported Content

Robofy can work with websites, PDFs, and Word documents to build its AI chatbot. You can teach the chatbot with website links or by inputting your text directly.

Supported languages

Robofy's chatbot works with over 50 languages, letting you customize chat answers in
languages like Spanish and Arabic. To see it in action, try sending a message
in multiple languages on our site.

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Provide 24/7 assistance

Don't worry about after-hours customer service. Robofy is always on, ready to instantly answer your customers' questions anytime.

Provide Assistance


Generate Leads

More leads

With Robofy, you can triple your leads thanks to its effective lead-generating features. This tool makes it easier to capture and manage potential customer information around the clock.

Features to create a trustworthy AI chatbot

Rapid Response

Super quick setup and lightning fast response is all it takes for Robofy AI chatbot to start handling your customer queries.

Customized chatbot Widget

Customize the chatbot’s appearance to reflect your brand's unique style and identity. Easily modify the logo, colors, text, widget to match with the website theme.

chatbot Inbox

You can view all the answers provided by the bot in real-time in AI chatbot Inbox. This will help you understand how answers are given by the chatbot. What’s more? you can easily edit the answers and modify the previous replies to optimize the accuracy of answers.

20+ Advanced Settings

Easily upgrade the AI chatbot with over 20 advanced settings, enabling you to customize your experience by selecting the GPT-4 model, setting the default chatbot language, and capturing lead information before initiating a chat.


Lead Generation

Find and connect with potential customers using our smart lead generation feature. Connect effortlessly lead & company data to convert traffic and then export lead data easily in Excel.

AI Nudge Gently redirect your customer to take a specific action

In every answer, easily guide and redirect your customers to take certain actions like calling you or booking a demo.

Analytics and Dashboard

Get detailed reports with user ratings in a user-friendly dashboard for insightful & actionable analytics.

Next-Level AI With OpenAI

Select from ChatGPT 3.5 and 4.0 versions to optimize your chatbot's responsiveness and intelligence.

chatbot Language Selection

The chatbot is capable of recognizing the language of a user's question and replying in that same language.

Automated Content Updates

Set how many days to wait before your chatbot crawls websites for new information and updates itself.

Customized chatbot Tone

Choose the voice of your chatbot, like a sales-focused, understanding tone, to connect with visitors and make conversations feel more human-like.

Flexible Embedding Options

Easily Integrate chatbot using website code on your website as a floating widget or share a standalone chatbot with your customers.

Train Your chatbot

Easily add or update chatbot content with links, documents, PDFs, chat-history etc to train and improve chatbot continuously.

Get Weekly AI conversation notifications

Get weekly stats on chatbot performance delivered to your email.

API Integrations

Get a free API for developers, allowing quick integration for instant chat bot replies to enhance your product for users.

Human Handover

Improve chat experience for visitors by smoothly shifting to human agents for personalized query resolutions.

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How does AI chatbot work?


Fetch data

Robofy will automatically fetch all the pages on your website.


You own it

You now have your own chatbot that can answer anything related to your webisite content.


Select page

Select the pages you want the chatbot to train on and click on start training.



Customize the appearance, modify advanced settings, and install the chatbot on your website to get started.


Discover the power of our AI chatbot with just 3 easy steps


Build your own WhatsApp chatbot using your website, PDFs and text files to instantly answer every question automatically.


Get an AI chatbot for your WordPress site that learns from your website's content to chat like your site's own expert.

Robofy API

By leveraging the Robofy API with sufficient content, you can accurately answer questions and build amazing products.

Multi Channel Integrations

Multi Channel Integrations


Resell Robofy with your company name and integrate AI chatbot features into your website

Do you want to start your own IT business? You can easily earn money by selling whitelabel chatbot to your customers at your own set prices.

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FAQ's for our AI chatbot

What is a website AI chatbot?

An AI chatbot for websites is a digital assistant that swiftly addresses inquiries from visitors on your site, incorporating chatbot services for websites. It's designed to handle a wide array of questions swiftly, reducing the time required for customer support by up to 85%.

How does a website chatbot work?

The process for AI chatbot for website includes the following steps, highlighting chatbot website integration:

  • The chatbot scans your website's content.
  • It prepares itself to respond based on the information it finds.
  • Finally, it starts resolving queries from users, enhancing the website's user experience.

Why is an AI chatbot an essential tool for your website?

An AI chatbot for websites is crucial because it provides round-the-clock support to your visitors and answers queries instantly and accurately. By offering chatbot for business use, it proves to be both a time and cost-efficient solution for engaging with your website's audience.

How to build an AI chatbot for your website?

Creating best AI chatbot for your website involves these straightforward steps, also incorporating chatbot for my website as a feature:

  • Sign into the Robofy AI chatbot panel.
  • Submit your site's link in the Robofy Dashboard.
  • Allow the chatbot to analyze your website.
  • After setup, integrate the chatbot seamlessly into your site.
  • Your AI chatbot for the website goes live and starts interacting with visitors.

What are the use cases for website chatbots?

Best AI chatbot for websites serves numerous industries effectively, such as real estate, education, hospitality, and healthcare. These chatbots, tailored for specific sectors like chatbot for business use, enhance user engagement and support.

What are the requirements for building a chatbot? Do I need coding skills?

To deploy the best AI chatbot for a website, you don't need any coding expertise. The only prerequisite is having an active website, making the integration of chatbot services for websites straightforward with Robofy AI chatbot service for websites.

Is Robofy AI chatbot for Websites free?

Robofy offers a complimentary demo, allowing you to explore the AI chatbot's capabilities on up to 5 web pages of a single website, showcasing the versatility of chatbot website integration.

How can I add a chatbot to my website?

After the Robofy AI chatbot has scanned and prepared your site, you can embed it into your website by copying the provided code into your site's header. This action activates the AI chatbot for the website, instantly bringing it live on your platform.

How to create chatbot for website?

You can create Robofy AI custom chatbot for website in the following ways.

  • Select the Robofy plan you want for your business.
  • Open the Robofy platform and add your website.
  • Let Robofy crawl your website, and create an AI custom chatbot for website.
  • That's it, your chatbot is ready. Now, the chatbot website integration is simple, you only have to copy the chatbot code to your website’s footer.

What are some of the websites in which chatbots can be used?

chatbots can be used in different industries. For example

  • chatbot for ecommerce website
  • chatbot for corporate website.
  • chatbot for real estate website.
  • chatbot for retail website.

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