AI Chatbot for Pineapplebuilder Website Builder

In this vast and ever-growing digital landscape, certain tools have become a household name. For example, everyone is familiar with a few of the most used website builders like WordPress, Wix, Shopify, etc. These website builders surely help in creating beautiful websites. But despite their interface being user-friendly, it takes ample time to build a website using these. has the perfect solution to tackle this.

Just give Pineapple’s AI instructions, and it will make a beautiful website for you. This is what the Pineapple website builder has brought to the table. With the use of ChatGPT technology, Pineapple website builder can easily convert your prompt into a website. 

3 simple steps to create website using Pineapple:

  • Pick the design which matches your business needs
  • Generate AI copy, which will help you create custom page quickly
  • After that, you can easily adjust and edit according to make it more inline with your brand/business goals.  

Pineapple website builder has made the process of making a website this simple and easy. 

But in this day and age, having a website is not enough. It needs an interactive element so that customers are engaged with your website. And customer drop doesn’t happen too often. Best way to tackle this is having an interactive, smart and powerful chatbot. 

Robofy tackles this problem using their AI chatbot powered by ChatGPt. Robofy’s AI Chatbot can convert your website’s content into a smart and powerful chatbot which can instantly reply to your visitor’s queries thus improving customer engagement and most importantly, customer satisfaction. Because everyone knows, if the customer is happy, then the business doesn’t take much time to make a great impact. 

Just like Apple has created the perfect ecosystem for their products. Integrating Robofy AI chatbot for website with Pineapple, creates the perfect ChatGPT ecosystem for your business. 

Features of Robofy AI Chatbot which will help in creating a seamless ecosystem with Pineapple.

  • Multi-channel Integration: Easily integrate WhatsApp, Gmail, Google Meet, Zoom, FB Messenger and more with Robofy AI Chatbot
  • 24×7 Automated Support: Robofy being an AI Chatbot, support for your website will be there round the clock. This will help you visitors get their questions answered at any time of the day. Thus increasing customer retention
  • Advanced customization option: Customize the chatbot to reflect your business and brand.
  • Quick responses: Pre defined FAQ which makes the interaction with customers instantaneous.

These features are just the tip of the iceberg concerning what Robofy has to offer. 

Now, to integrate Robofy with your Pineapple Website, just follow the simple steps:

  • First, navigate to your Dashboard select website, next pick Website settings, and select Embed code.
  • Now, just copy the javascript code from Robofy’s dashboard and paste it in the footer body code. 

And there you have it. Your customized AI Chatbot for pineapplebuilder website builder.

So, to truly engage and retain visitors, an interactive element like Robofy’s AI chatbot is essential. So, while Pineapple sets your digital stage, let Robofy be the voice that keeps your audience engaged.

Just like the powerful website, Robofy’s AI chatbot can be seamlessly integrated with lots of other website builders. For instance, you can read about how Robofy enchacnes its AI Chatbot for Ghost Website builder.