Top 10 Best WhatsApp AI Chatbot in 2024

In today’s digital era, AI technology is a staple in many of the tools we use daily. One of the most significant advancements is the integration of AI chatbots on various platforms, streamlining customer service for businesses. However, many small businesses rely heavily on WhatsApp to engage with customers and drive sales. Enter the WhatsApp AI Chatbot—a game-changer for businesses of all sizes.

Implementing a tailor-made AI chatbot for WhatsApp can greatly benefit your business. It opens an additional channel for customers to connect with your company, get their questions answered promptly, and make well-informed decisions about your products or services.

What is a WhatsApp AI Chatbot?

A WhatsApp chatbot is a tool that connects to WhatsApp and talks to your customers automatically. It uses AI, or a set of fixed rules, to chat with people. This makes it easier to handle customer conversations without needing a person to do it every time.

Types of WhatsApp Chatbots 

The different types of WhatsApp Chatbots are:

1: Keyword based chatbot – The most simple way to create a basic chatbot. In this type of chatbot, the replies are triggered based on a specific keyword. 

2: NLP based Chatbot – Natural language processing (NLP) is a complex way to create a chatbot. You will have to index all your content and the NLP chatbot would parse the query asked by user and compare against the index to provide a reply. This is generally suited for a large enteprise with tech team. 

3: Dialogflow based Chatbot – Dialogflow is a Google implementation of NLP with drag and drop functionality. It provides a fairly easy way to a build a chatbot. However, the setup for Dialogflow is slightly complicated and so it requires some tech-skills.

4: AI based Chatbot – AI chatbots are the latest in chatbot industry and are extremely simple to get started with. These chatbot tools automatically understand your content and can immediately answer your user’s queries. They are mostly powered by OpenAI’ ChatGPT or some other Large Language Model(LLM).

5: Visual Builder Chatbot – As the name suggests, the Visual builder chatbot tools allows you to create a flow using a drag and drop interface. It can be handy for someone like Banks where they have a complex flow.

Benefits of using WhatsApp AI Chatbot:

Automating your customer interactions can enhance your customer support 10x folds. Some of the benefits which you get when using a powerful WhatsApp AI Bot are:

  • Instant customer support: The customers won’t have to wait for a considerable amount of time to get the queries answered, the WhatsApp AI Chatbot will be able to reply in real time.
  • Personalized Customer Interactions: Each conversation will be a personalized one, hence giving it a human touch to make the customers feel more comfortable to have a conversation.
  • Lower customer support cost: Using WhatsApp AI Chatbot reduces the cost of customer support. As the AI chatbot will be able to handle multiple conversations at a time, the need to have a human customer support team will reduce over time.
  • Task Automation: A lot of trivial tasks like, booking an appointment, checking order details, tracking an order gets done automatically using the WhatsApp bot.

These are only some of the many benefits that your business has by using the WhatsApp Chatbot. Overtime, these benefits turn into ladders of success for any business. 

Now, lets deep dive into the best WhatsApp AI Chatbot for business:

The Top 10 Best WhatsApp AI Chatbot are:

1) Robofy WhatsApp AI Chatbot
2) BotPress
3) Wati
4) AiSensy
5) Interakt
6) Agentbot
7) Chatcompose
8) Engati
9) Sendbee
10) Snatchbot

Robofy WhatsApp AI Chatbot 

robofy whatsapp aqi chatbot

The Robofy WhatsApp AI Chatbot offers personalized chatbot creation using various content types like website data, PDFs, and documents. It’s designed to automatically respond to visitors’ queries on WhatsApp, enhancing business communication.

Key Features:

Automated 24×7: This WhatsApp AI Chatbot provides 24×7 support. This helps businesses to cater the needs of their customers even after business hours. 

Automatic chatbot training: Robofy uses the ChatGPT platform to make smart WhatsApp chatbots for businesses. It works by using information from your website or other content you upload.

Interactive Inbox: You can view all the responses given by the WhatsApp AI chatbot in Robofy’s dashboard. This lets you see how the chatbot answers questions, also allowing you to modify the answers, thus helping the chatbot get updated easily.

Send a WhatsApp message on +91 90999 12730 to check Robofy AI Chatbot functionality.



Botpress is a chatbot builder using OpenAI technology, similar to ChatGPT, designed for businesses. It’s user-friendly and comes with pre-made integrations to speed up the chatbot creation process.

Notably, Botpress enables easy deployment to various channels, including WhatsApp, making it simple to connect with users on different platforms. It also features an engine that translates content into over 100 languages, making your chatbot accessible to a global audience.


wati is tailored for businesses focusing on WhatsApp for customer engagement. Its key feature is a shared inbox that allows team collaboration.

However, it may not be the best fit for businesses needing detailed customer support ticketing, as it lacks a specific system for managing and tracking support requests. For these businesses, looking at other options might be beneficial. Because, Wati’s Chatbot is an NLP based Chatbot. These types of chatbots have lots of limitations as compared to powerful WhatsApp AI Chatbots like the one which Robofy provides. 



AISensy provides WhatsApp Chatbot builder, which uses NLP for its functioning. NLP based chatbots work on set of predefined rules. They are not smart unlike the AI Chatbot which works on the content which is fetched while crawling the website.

AI Chatbots for WhatsApp can easily converse with customers in real time and not get stuck mid conversation like the NLP based chatbots. Robofy provides WhatsApp AI Chatbots which is powered by Chatbot. This makes it a powerful and reliable AI Chatbot tool. 



Interakt offers features like automated notifications and 24/7 customer support using WhatsApp chatbots, making it useful for businesses using WhatsApp. Interakt helps in promoting products through WhatsApp by sharing product catalogs, aiming at increasing sales. 

While Interakt offers several features for WhatsApp communication, like automated notifications and 24/7 support, it’s important to note that its chatbot might not be AI-based. This could limit the sophistication of customer interactions. In contrast, Robofy provides an AI-powered WhatsApp chatbot, potentially offering more advanced conversational capabilities and a better user experience.



Aivo introduced Agentbot to make customer communication smoother. Agentbot, powered by AI, allows brands to create conversation flows easily. Its standout feature is a user-friendly interface with a simple design tree for building effective chat flows. 

It also integrates with several applications like Zendesk, Salesforce, and others, though its integration options are somewhat limited. Overall, Agentbot is a comprehensive tool for businesses looking to enhance their WhatsApp


chat compose

ChatCompose stands out with its advanced AI and natural language processing, which accurately predict user intentions, even correcting slight errors in their queries. This feature is enhanced by autocorrect, aiding in understanding user intent more effectively. It also boasts numerous integrations, working seamlessly with popular messaging, support, and social media platforms, including WhatsApp.

Beyond these capabilities, ChatCompose integrates with various systems like CMS, CRM, and even supports functionalities like payment processing and speech recognition for phone calls. It also provides extensive resources and use cases to help customers leverage the tool for various needs like customer support, lead generation, reservations, surveys, and more.



Engati is a well-regarded chatbot tool known for its ease of use in building conversation logic and enhancing customer support. It includes 14 features like NLP, a flow builder for conversations, multiple integrations including JSON Rest APIs, and multilingual support. 

What sets Engati apart is its omni-channel capability, allowing use across over 14 channels, including websites, mobile apps, Skype, and social media, plus broadcast messaging and campaigns. The platform’s global reach on WhatsApp, with its vast user base, offers significant engagement opportunities. Additionally, Engati features voice bots and rich analytics to improve customer conversations.



Sendbee helps businesses enhance their WhatsApp conversations. Once you set up your WhatsApp Business API profile, you can add team members to Send Bee for collaborative conversation management. Its inbox feature simplifies managing and responding to WhatsApp messages in one place. 

Additionally, Sendbee offers a chatbot builder for WhatsApp, enabling automated responses like “Away” messages when your business is closed, and other templates to improve response times. 



SnatchBot is a versatile chatbot tool suitable for businesses of any size, working as both a front and backend tool, adaptable to various uses. Key features include sentiment analysis, speech recognition, and collaboration tools for building chatbots with colleagues. It offers a synonym library, chat history access, multi-platform switching, and live agent hand-off, along with advanced analytics to track performance. SnatchBot also has a bot store with pre-made templates for easy use. For backend tasks, it can handle database interactions, web scraping, API connections, and more, including email handling and social media stats.

Things to keep in mind before using a WhatsApp AI Chatbot

  • Align the chatbot’s functions with both your company’s and your customers’ needs.
  • Ensure the chatbot can integrate across multiple channels for consistent support.
  • Look for a WhatsApp chatbot that offers support in multiple languages.
  • Choose a WhatsApp AI chatbot that is adaptable and will remain relevant as your business grows and evolves.


As we wrap up our exploration of the top WhatsApp AI chatbots, it’s evident that each offers unique features and benefits tailored to various business needs. While exploring options like Engati for its multichannel capabilities or SnatchBot for its versatility, it’s also worth considering solutions that offer a blend of advanced AI and user-friendly interfaces. For instance, platforms like Robofy,  with their AI-driven approach, subtly indicate the evolution and potential of chatbots in enhancing customer interactions on WhatsApp. The choice ultimately depends on aligning with your specific business requirements and future growth plans.