How To Build & Train a Custom Chatbot with ChatGPT

We all know what chatbots are. But for those of you who still don’t get the crux of it, let me put it simply for you. Imagine a robot that can chat with you…that’s basically a chatbot. Yes, it’s actually that simple. Chatbots are trained and friendly robots that talk to you like a real person. Trust us when we say this – you wouldn’t make a difference. 

Very similar to having a mini encyclopedia or a pocket dictionary, a chatbot is trained to answer questions about almost anything you ask it for. Businesses across the globe are using chatbots to enhance customer service and decrease waiting time for answering customer queries. 

Gone are the days when you’d had to be 4th in the queue for a customer representative to get on a call with you and answer your queries. Today, chatbots are doing a much better job of saving time and money. 

I was interested in knowing the market size and usage of chatbots. Here’s what I found:

  • In 2022, 88% of users have had at least one conversation with a chatbot.
  • By 2023, chatbots are expected to save businesses up to 2.5 billion hours of work.
  • 59% of customers expect a chatbot to respond within 5 seconds.
  • 69% of consumers were satisfied with their last interaction with a chatbot.

Now those are some numbers, don’t you agree? That’s a lot of time and money saved for customers and businesses. But now, what if we tell you you can create a customised chatbot or train your own chatgpt chatbot that caters to your business in real time? 

Enter a custom chatbot with ChatGPT.

  • What is it?
  • Should you have it?
  • How can you make one?

Hold your horses. We are about to answer all your questions in this blog. Let’s dive right in. 


What is a Custom Chatbot with ChatGPT?

Custom chatbot with ChatGPT involves developing a personalised chatbot that resembles ChatGPT by training an AI model on language models to comprehend, analyse, and generate responses in a natural human language. It is important to emphasise that ChatGPT is not an otherworldly technology, and constructing a similar system is within the realm of possibility.

Sounds complex? Don’t worry. Let me break it down for you. 

You know how sometimes we have questions and only wish we had someone to talk to? Well, imagine having a friend who can answer all your questions and chat with you at any given point in time. But what’s the catch? The catch is that ‘this friend’ is not real. They are like a supercomputer program trained to be your friend. 

So, what would a custom chatbot mean?

A custom chatbot would mean that someone has made a special version of the chatbot just for you. It is trained and fed lots of information and data to understand what you ask for and give you helpful answers. Safe to say, it’s almost like having a personal assistant who knows exactly the type of coffee you want to start your day with. 

ChatGPT has made the process of creating such chatbots a piece of cake for us. With ChatGPT, we have a really smart chatbot that can talk to people and understand their questions. When we make it custom, we make it even smarter by teaching it things customised for you.

A ChatGPT chatbot is a special talking robot that uses clever technology to understand what people say and give them answers. It’s like a smart friend who knows a lot and can talk to you about anything!

When we say it’s a customised ChatGPT chatbot, it has been made extra special for a specific business. It uses OpenAI’s GPT to generate reponses. It has been trained with lots of information and taught how to give perfect answers to help that business with its unique needs. That’s what a customised ChatGPT chatbot is all about!

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How to Build a Custom Chatbot with ChatGPT?  

Building a custom chatbot with ChatGPT is a complex process, and we do not want you to go through the pain of setting up many codes and complicated things. However, we come bearing gifts and a solution to help your business get a custom chatbot with ChatGPT for your website in under 5 minutes. 

Introducing Robofy – your website’s smart AI chatbot. 

No coding, no complexity. With Robofy, you can have a customised chatbot for your website effortlessly. Just sign up for free and let Robofy do the rest. It cleverly uses your website’s content to create a chatbot that understands your business.

To simplify it, I’ve listed the steps for you so your website can have a custom chatbot before the end of the day. 

  • The first step would be to visit Robofy

How to Build a Custom Chatbot

  • Next, click on the Signup for Free button.
  • Once you click on this, you’ll see a signup page, as shown in the image. All you need to do is enter your email here. 

  • When you enter your email, an OTP or a one-time password will be sent to your mail. Check your spam, socials, or even your promotion box in case you don’t see this in your primary mailbox. 

  • Once you successfully enter the OTP, you’ll be taken to the next page, where you need to enter your name, company name and mobile number. Alternatively, you can skip this step if you prefer it.

  • You’ll be taken to the next page, where you must enter your website URL where you want the custom chatbot to be. 

  • Once this is done, you’ll be prompted to add your website pages. In most cases, they will already be added. You can add upto 5 pages in the free version, no strings attached. However, remember, the first link must be your main website link or home page. Once you are done, just click on confirm. 

  • Once you click on the confirm, you will be taken to the Robofy dashboard. Here you can see how many pages of your website have been successfully read and uploaded by the chatbot. 

  • Just wait for 2 minutes and refresh the page. 
  • The chatbot will automatically read all the content on your website and create a custom chatbot. Once your chatbot is ready, you’ll see a prompt that says, ‘Your chatbot is ready’. That’s it. Your chatbot is now ready to use. 

  • You can customise your chatbot by giving it a name, changing icons and much more. The dashboard also shows you a section called ‘Quick Questions’ where the questions and answers are predefined based on the content on your website. To add more content, you can simply click on ‘Add FAQs’.

robofy chatbot

  • Now it’s time to test your chatbot. To do this, just click on the Test your Chatbot button on your dashboard.

robofy chatbot dashboard

  • You’ll see the Javascript code that can be copied. 

chatbot test page

  • On the same window, you can also see a preview of your chatbot and check how it works.
  • You’ll need to copy this code and paste it on your website. You can do this by following these simple steps.
  • Copy the code and put it in the footer section of your website before the ending body tag. 
  • If WordPress powers your website, you can install our plugin, which will automatically install the chatbot code.

Note: If you cannot do this, do reach out to your developer team or contact us at or on our mobile number: +91-9099913506 so that we can help you.

Follow the blog’s instructions if your website already has a Google tag manager. 

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robofy chatbot

  • On the dashboard, you can check the number of questions your chatbot receives and monitor the replies in the inbox. 

robofy chatbot dashboard

  • If you’d like to know if your chatbot is providing good answers, you can check the user’s rating on the dashboard. Furthermore, you can edit these answers yourself using the down rating button. 

And that’s it. You’ve set up your own custom ChatGPT chatbot with Robofy. Now, you can build your custom ChatGPT chatbot without any code, hassle or sweat. 

To make this entire process simpler, we have made a video that will walk you through it step by step through the entire process. You can watch it here and learn how to train your own ChatGPT chatbot using Robofy. 


How to Train Your Custom ChatGPT Chatbot? 

Custom training a Chat GPT chatbot is like teaching it to become good at answering questions and conversing about specific things. Here’s how to train your own chatgpt. 

  • Step 1: Choose a specific topic – First, think about something you like, such as animals, cars, or businesses. This will be the specific topic your chatbot will learn about.
  • Step 2: Gather information – Find books, websites, or even ask grown-ups who know much about the topic. Collect fun facts, stories, and any other interesting information you can find.
  • Step 3: Teach your chatbot – Now it’s time to train your own chatgpt.You will show it all the cool information you collected. It’s like pouring all that knowledge into the chatbot’s brain so it can understand and remember it.
  • Step 4: Practice Talking – Talk to your chatbot and ask it questions about the special topic. See how it responds. You can further train your chatbot or make it smarter if it doesn’t know the answer.
  • Step 5: Keep ImprovingTrain your ChatGPT chatbot and teach it new things. The more it practices, the better it will get at understanding and giving good answers.
  • Step 6: Have Fun Conversations – Once train your own chatgpt and it knows a lot about the specific topic, you can have fun conversations with it! Ask it questions, share stories, or even play pretend games together. 


How Can Robofy Help You?

Pheww, that’s too much for one day, isn’t it? We get it. But we have something that can simplify your life and eliminate all these steps. Yes, you still get a custom ChatGPT chatbot builder that will train your own chatgpt . Curious to know how?

Enter Robofy. 

Robofy is the best AI chatbot builder that can help you train your own chatgpt. Creating chatbots can be a challenging task. However, with Robofy’s AI-powered chatbot, all you have to do is provide your website’s URL, and it will automatically gather all the pages from your website. It then uses that content to train and create a chatbot designed explicitly for your website.

Tadaa! A custom ChatGPT chatbot at your fingertips. Yes, it’s that simple, and there are no strings attached. What’s more, you can review all the responses given by the chatbot in the Robofy Inbox. This feature helps you understand how the chatbot provides answers. Additionally, we are introducing new features that allow you to transfer the chat from the bot to a human. This way, you can also personally interact with your customers through chat. 

The best part? We offer a free forever plan so that you can make the best of both worlds. So head on to Robofy right away and start automating your conversations. We’ve done all the heavy lifting for you. All you need to do is Sign Up for Free!



How to make a customised Chatbot like ChatGPT?

Robofy AI chatbot builder can help you make a customised chatbot like ChatGPT. ChatGPT powers Robofy and can make you a custom chatbot in under 5 minutes using your website content. 

How do you create a chatbot and train it?

If you want to train your chatbot, you can easily do so using Robofy AI chatbot builder. You do not need to create anything from scratch. Just sign up with Robofy and enter your website URL. The chatbot builder then fetches all the content from your website, creates a customised chatbot and trains itself to answer all your customer queries based on your website content. 

What kind of content can be used to train the chatbot?

You can train your chatbot using any content you’d like using Robofy. We support PDFs, documents and every type of web page to help train your chatbot. As a user, you do not need to put extra effort into training your chatbot. Robofy automatically fetches all the content from your website and trains your chatbot. You can fine-tune the answers until you’re happy with the chatbot answers.