How To Build ChatGPT for Knowledge Base

Generative AI is becoming a big thing, and it’s not going anywhere!  Over the last decade, it has gained massive acceptance and attention in various industries. Over the last decade, it has gained massive acceptance and attention in various industries, with a staggering 85% increase in its adoption rate! And guess what? With ChatGPT entering the scene, it’s taking things to a new level!

Imagine how this powerful generative AI tool can revolutionize how we access information. It’s like opening the door to a whole new world of possibilities!  So buckle up because the future is bright with generative AI leading the way!


What is ChatGPT for Knowledge Base?

ChatGPT includes a quick knowledge retrieval tool that saves time. Users can use this AI technology in knowledge management to swiftly analyze inquiries, obtain relevant information without having to search enormous knowledge bases and use a prompt to provide accurate solutions in minutes.

Isn’t it fascinating? ChatGPT acts like a treasure trove of knowledge, waiting to be explored with the right question!  This got me thinking about its role in knowledge management. And guess what? ChatGPT can be a game-changer for organisations!

Imagine having this vast AI technology at your fingertips, helping you find valuable knowledge within your organisation. No more long hours searching through extensive databases and knowledge bases! ChatGPT makes it super easy and saves so much time!  It’s like having a super-smart assistant that streamlines knowledge retrieval, making your work a breeze! 


5 Benefits of Building ChatGPT for Knowledge Base 

In the 21st century, generative AI in knowledge management can be a game-changer for organizations, bringing many benefits. Let’s dive into some of these awesome advantages:

  • Quick Access to Information

ChatGPT is a super helpful tool that can be connected to knowledge management systems in companies.  It’s got powerful AI abilities, making it a pro at finding information, resources, and documents quickly and efficiently!  This is a game-changer for successful knowledge management, especially during emergencies.

No more struggling to search through papers manually! With ChatGPT, employees can get the necessary information with just a few prompts. It’s like having a magic shortcut to up-to-date knowledge!  This means more time saved and increased productivity for everyone! 

  • Better Knowledge Sharing & Experience 

Do you know what’s awesome about ChatGPT? It brings people together and encourages knowledge-sharing and collaboration in organizations!  This is super important because sometimes there’s a knowledge gap between experienced and new employees, which can slow growth. But with ChatGPT, that’s not a problem anymore!

This smart AI platform acts as an interactive hub where employees can ask questions, share ideas, and learn from each other.  It’s like having a virtual mentor that continuously learns and adjusts based on the new information it receives. This creates a fantastic continuous learning and collaboration environment where knowledge flows freely across different departments.

No more barriers to growth! ChatGPT is here to bridge the gap and ensure everyone can access valuable insights and expertise.  It’s a win-win situation that boosts productivity and saves resources on employee training.

  • Enhanced Employee Productivity

ChatGPT makes the workplace experience so much better for employees!  When it comes to knowledge management, easy access to information is key. But sometimes, employees have to jump through hoops to find what they need, and that’s no fun.

But with ChatGPT, things are different! It’s all about simplicity and convenience. This user-friendly chatbot interface is a game-changer! Instead of dealing with complex databases or huge repositories, employees can use a few prompts to get the resources and information they need right at their fingertips!

  • Self-Service Knowledge Base 

ChatGPT for knowledge base is a helpful self-service support system at their fingertips!  This means employees can find handy solutions to their issues without needing a dedicated support team.

In the past, companies had to set up a whole team to attend to employee queries, which cost a lot of money. But with ChatGPT, that’s a thing of the past! It’s like having an intelligent knowledge base that employees can access anytime they need help.  This saves resources, reduces response times, and allows the support capabilities to scale effortlessly.

  • Real-Time Retrieval of Knowledge 

Generative AI knowledge management with ChatGPT makes knowledge retrieval lightning-fast!  It’s like having a secret weapon to fix issues before they become big problems! 

The key is real-time knowledge retrieval. When a challenge arises, time is of the essence, right? ChatGPT comes to the rescue with its instant knowledge retrieval feature! No more wasting time searching through massive knowledge bases. With just a prompt, users get accurate responses within minutes!

Employees can quickly analyze queries, find the necessary information, and make speedy decisions. It’s like having a super-efficient problem-solving assistant by their side! With ChatGPT in knowledge management, everyone becomes a pro at tackling challenges, and issues get resolved in a jiffy!


How to Build a ChatGPT for Knowledge Base in Less than 5 Minutes

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In under 5 minutes, you can have your customized chatbot effortlessly. No coding, no complexity – it’s that simple! Here’s how you can get your chatbot up and running before the day is over:


Step 1: Sign Up for Free


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Step 2: Let Robofy Do the Heavy Lifting 


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Step 3: Engage Your Visitors  


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Step 4: Watch Your Business Grow  

As Robofy handles customer inquiries and engages visitors around the clock, you’ll notice increased customer satisfaction and conversion rates. Your website will become a powerhouse of efficiency and user-friendliness!


Step-by-Step Breakdown: Set Up Your Custom AI Chatbot

We’ve broken down the steps for you!

Just follow the steps, and your chatbot will be ready before you know it. 

  1. Visit Robofy’s website and click the “Signup for Free” button.
  1. Enter your email address on the signup page.
  1. Check your email for the one-time password (OTP) sent by Robofy and enter it on the website.
  1. Provide your name, company name, and mobile number (optional) on the next page, or skip this step.
  1. Enter your website URL where you want the chatbot to be deployed.
  1. Review and confirm the website pages to be included in the chatbot (up to five pages in the free version).
  1. Once confirmed, access the Robofy dashboard to see the progress of the chatbot setup.
  1. Refresh the page for a few minutes to find the prompt, “Your chatbot is ready.”
  1. Customize your chatbot by giving it a name, changing icons, and more within the dashboard.
  2. Use the “Quick Questions” section, with predefined questions and answers based on your website content, or add more content by clicking “Add FAQs.”
  1. Test your chatbot by clicking the “Test your Chatbot” button on the dashboard.
  1. Copy the provided JavaScript code and paste it in the footer section of your website, just before the ending body tag.
  1. If your website uses WordPress, you can install the plugin provided by Robofy to install the chatbot code automatically. For assistance, contact Robofy’s support team at or their mobile number: +91-9099913506.
  2. Monitor the chatbot’s performance on the dashboard, including the number of questions received and user ratings for answers.
  1. Edit answers if needed using the rating system to improve chatbot responses.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully set up your custom ChatGPT chatbot with Robofy, without coding or any hassle. 

So, why wait? Sign up for Robofy today and experience the wonders of having your own AI chatbot in no time! Your website’s success is just a few clicks away. 



How to add a knowledge base to a custom ChatGPT AI chatbot?

Answer: You can add a knowledge base to your custom Chatgpt AI chatbot using the content on your website. Robofy AI chat builder can help you create a custom ChatGPT AI chatbot by fetching your website’s content in minutes. All you need to do is add your website URL, and Robofy will take care of the rest. 

Can I train my ChatGPT AI chatbot with my own data?

Answer: You can train your custom ChatGPT AI chatbot with your data. All you need to do is add your website content, which will do the rest for you. This process can be simply done using Robofy AI chatbot builder. You do not need to know a single piece of code; you’ll have your own trained ChatGPT chatbot ready. 

Can I build my own ChatGPT AI custom chatbot?

Answer: You can build your own ChatGPT AI custom chatbot without knowing a single piece of code effortlessly. You can use Robofy AI chat builder to build a custom AI chatbot. Robofy uses your website’s content to make you a personalised chatbot tailored to fit your business needs.