Top 5 AI Chatbot Builders Using ChatGPT

Let’s cut straight to the heart of the matter! You’re probably on the hunt for that perfect AI chatbot builder to revolutionize your business and leave your customers in awe. But hey, we’ve got your back! 

A virtual assistant that’s smart, responsive, and always ready to engage your customers in delightful conversations. Whether it’s addressing queries, guiding them through your products and services, or even cracking a joke, this AI chatbot will do it all with finesse! 

So, what exactly are these AI chatbot builders, and how can they turbocharge your business?  Well, we’ll answer all that and more. In this blog, we’ll walk you through what chatbot builders are (not body builders for sure) and the top 5 AI chatbot builders using ChatGPT. 


What are AI Chatbot Builders?

A chatbot builder, sometimes known as a bot builder, is a platform used to conceptualize, create, and deploy chatbots across various platforms. While the majority of bot builders need you to code your chatbots, some sophisticated chatbot builders offer a visual interface that makes it easy to develop a chatbot using just drag and drop techniques.

Whether it’s capturing leads or assisting customers, these builders offer tons of customization options and templates. Plus, with AI, NLP, and machine learning, your chatbot gets smarter every day, ensuring top-notch customer experiences. 


AI Chatbot Builder: Must-Have Features 

It’s time to find the AI chatbot builder that fits like a glove! So, let’s dive into the must-have features you should keep an eye out for:

  • Integrations: Harmony in Action

The best chatbot builder will be a team player, seamlessly integrating with your existing tools like email platforms, CRMs, and automation tools. No more disjointed systems – everything works together like a symphony! 

  • Built-In Templates: A Head Start to Success

Who doesn’t love a head start, right? Look for a chatbot builder with a treasure trove of pre-made templates. With these gems, you can quickly customize and deploy your chatbot, saving time and effort without compromising on quality.

  • Customization Options: Tailor-Made Excellence

Your business is unique, and your chatbot should reflect that! Choose a top-notch builder that offers loads of customization options. From the design to the conversation flow, you’ll have the power to create a chatbot that perfectly aligns with your brand’s personality and goals.

  • AI, NLP, and Machine Learning Magic: Smart Chats, Smarter Bot

A real chatbot rockstar must be able to hold meaningful conversations, right? Look for a builder equipped with AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities. And let’s not forget machine learning – that’s the secret sauce that helps your chatbot learn and grow with each interaction. 

  • Value for Money: A Budget-Friendly Choice

Now, let’s talk about the budget – because who doesn’t want more bang for their buck? Compare the features and costs of different chatbot builders to find the perfect balance between value and investment.

And there you have it, folks! Armed with these essential features, you’re all set to explore the 5 best AI chatbot builders to try in 2023. 


5 Best AI Chatbot Builder Using ChatGPT

If you’ve been on the hunt for the perfect AI chatbot builders, look no further. This blog post has got your back! 

  • Robofy

Well, say hello to Robofy – your dream AI ChatGPT chatbot builder 😎

Picture this: Within minutes, you can have your very own ChatGPT, tailored specifically for your website! With Robofy’s seamless integration, you’ll be up and running in no time, connecting with your audience like never before!

But wait, there’s more! Robofy isn’t just about setting up your chatbot and calling it a day. Oh no! It’s equipped with some serious firepower! 

Real Time Analytics: Detailed analytics, real-time performance monitoring, and AI-driven insights are all part of the package. With this power combo, you’ll supercharge your chatbot’s effectiveness and keep your customers hooked!

User Friendly & Customizable: And did we mention how user-friendly Robofy is? With its customizable reports and a breeze of an interface, you’ll be cruising through chatbot management like a pro! Plus, it’s budget-friendly, making it an ideal choice for businesses aiming to maximize their return on investment. 

Supports 50+ Languages: Worried about language barriers? Fear not! Robofy speaks any language you desire, and you can even customize the response language to suit your unique business needs. Talk about versatility, it supports 50+ languages. 

Continuous Improvement: The magic doesn’t stop there! Robofy is no ordinary chatbot. It’s a learning wizard! Thanks to automated learning from your website content and customer feedback, your chatbot becomes smarter with every interaction. Now that’s what we call progress!

Chatbot Integration: Ever wanted a friendly assistant on your website? Say no more! Our smart chatbot is here to give your visitors a warm welcome and resolve their queries in a flash. From FAQs to personalized help, our chatty bot has got it covered 24/7! It’s like having a super-responsive teammate that never sleeps! 

Email Integration: Communication made easy!  We know email is a classic way to stay in touch, so we’ve got your back. Give your visitors the option to shoot you an email directly from your website. Whether they have questions, feedback, or need support, a simple click is all it takes to reach out. We’ll make sure you’re always connected!

WhatsApp Integration: Ready to level up your phone game?  Unlock the power of WhatsApp with Robofy! Your customers can now ping you on their favorite messaging app. Just imagine, gathering their phone numbers with ease and having real-time conversations. It’s like having your hotline on speed dial!

Callback Integration: Sometimes, a good ol’ phone call is all you need!  Our callback feature lets your visitors leave their numbers so you can get back to them ASAP. No more waiting around for a call, we’ll bridge that gap and make sure you never miss an opportunity to connect! It’s like having your own personal assistant dialing for you! 

Facebook Messenger Integration: Who doesn’t love social media?  Now, your customers can start a chat right from your Facebook page! Our integration with Messenger makes it easy-peasy for potential customers to slide into your DMs.  Stay connected and build relationships on your audience’s favorite platform!

Meetings Integration: Let’s get those appointments booked!  We know how important demos and meetings are, so we’ve teamed up with Calendly and Google Meet to streamline the process.  Your visitors can book appointments hassle-free, and you can manage your schedule like a pro! Meeting your customers has never been so smooth!

Put all these integrations together, and voilà!  Your website becomes an interactive and engaging hub for your customers. Our AI-powered chatbot will impress with instant responses, and your visitors will love the personalized attention they receive!

Free Plan: Dip your toes into the chatbot magic with Robofy’s free plan! Crawl up to 5 pages of your website, and voilà – your chatbot is ready to roll within minutes!

Paid Plans: Ready to level up? Robofy’s got you covered with a range of affordable options starting from just $9/month. Whether you’re a small business or a mighty enterprise, there’s a perfect plan for you! Enjoy premium perks like chat analytics, unlimited chat replies, advanced customisation, and so much more.

No matter your budget or business size, Robofy has the right plan to unleash the true potential of your chatbot. So there you have it, folks! Robofy – the ultimate blend of innovation and intelligence wrapped up in a cost-effective and feature-rich package. 


Try Robofy Today

  • Botsonic 

Say goodbye to coding headaches and hello to a new era of AI chatbot creation with Botsonic!  This cutting-edge no-code chatbot builder empowers you to craft custom AI chatbots without technical skills. 

With Botsonic’s user-friendly interface and robust features, training ChatGPT on your data becomes a breeze. Get ready to unleash highly intuitive and interactive AI experiences for your website visitors, leaving them in awe! 

Picture this: A revolutionary chatbot, akin to ChatGPT, powered by the mighty GPT-4 and natural language processing. With Botsonic ChatGPT chatbot builder, you’ll effortlessly construct personalized AI chatbots that cater to diverse purposes without coding wizardry!

But wait, there’s more! Botsonic is the all-in-one AI chatbot builder that brings simplicity and power to the forefront. Here’s why it stands out from the crowd:

Customization and Personalization: Tailor your chatbots to perfection! With Botsonic’s customization options, your AI chatbot will resonate with your brand’s personality, providing a uniquely personalized experience for your visitors. 

 24-Hour Support: No need to worry about being left in the dark. With Botsonic’s round-the-clock support, you’ll always have a helping hand whenever needed. Assistance is just a chat away! 

Supports 24+ Languages: No language barriers here! Botsonic speaks your customers’ language, supporting over 24 languages to create a truly global chatbot experience. 


  • Fini 

Fini’s ChatGPT chatbot builder cleverly utilizes your existing resources to craft a 24/7 self-serve Q&A experience that leaves users thrilled and eager to return for more!

Set the Tone, Own the Experience: One of the best parts about Fini is that you can set the tone to match your unique business requirements. It’s like having a chatbot that speaks your brand language flawlessly! 

A Multichannel Marvel: Fini’s multichannel approach makes it stand out from the crowd. With out-of-the-box integrations with Intercom, your chatbot can seamlessly reach your customers across platforms, ensuring a truly immersive experience. 

Free Plan: Fini offers a free plan with essential features, allowing you to utilize up to 25 questions at no extra cost. It’s the perfect way to dip your toes into the AI chatbot waters! 

Paid Plans: Fini provides a range of paid plans starting from just $0.096 per question for businesses with custom requirements. The pricing varies based on your specific needs, ensuring a bespoke solution that fits like a glove. 



Let me tell you, LetsaskAI is all about flexibility and convenience. Customizing the chatbot according to your business needs is a breeze! You can tailor it to fit like a glove, ensuring your customers get the best experience possible. No complicated setup, just effortless integration! 

Now, let’s talk about security. LetsaskAI ChatGPT chatbot builder takes it seriously! Only raw text is stored, ensuring your data is protected and handled carefully. Your customers’ trust is paramount, and LetsaskAI has got your back! 

Oh, and here’s the cherry on top  – multilingual support! LetsaskAI is all about breaking barriers and bringing people together. With multilingual capabilities, your customers from around the world can engage effortlessly. Talk about reaching new horizons! 

Basic Plan: The Basic plan starts at just $19/month. For that, you get many features like 1000 messages/month and 200000 characters/chatbot, among other goodies. It’s perfect for those starting or looking to dip their toes in the water! 

Advanced Plan: But if you’re a medium to large business ready to take on the world, the Advanced plan is tailor-made for you!  At $499/month, you’ll enjoy unlimited messages and chatbots, with a whopping 4000000 characters/chatbot!



First things first, Twissy AI is all about staying ahead of the game. By using the newest language models or content from your website, it ensures that your chatbots are super smart and up-to-date! Say goodbye to outdated responses – Twissy AI has got your back! 

And talk about speed!  Twissy AI ChatGPT chatbot builder boasts a high response time that keeps your conversations flowing smoothly. Your customers won’t be left waiting, that’s for sure! Say hello to instant gratification and happy users! 

But here’s where it gets even better – customizations galore! Twissy AI knows how important your brand is, and its customizations feature can perfectly fit your unique style. Your chatbot will feel like a true extension of your business, delivering a personalized experience that keeps your customers coming back for more! 

Now, let’s talk about that opener module. Twissy AI is a master at crafting customized call-to-action messages that align perfectly with your business specifications. No more boring and generic contact forms – Twissy AI adds that touch of magic to your customer interactions! 

Free Plan: With up to 50 tokens per month and a data size of around 5000, it’s perfect for getting started and exploring what Twissy AI can do for you! 

Paid Plan:  At just $99, you’ll enjoy a generous 25000 chat tokens per month and a massive data size of 5000000! The possibilities are endless, and your customer engagement game will be on a whole new level! 


The Winner: Robofy

When hunting for the ideal chatbot builder for your business, keep your eyes on the prize!  It’s all about those key features, customization options, and seamless integrations that’ll make your chatbot dreams come true. You’ll want a builder that lets you bring your creative vision to life, so your brand shines like never before. Don’t settle for anything less than extraordinary! 

A chatbot seamlessly connecting with your existing systems and platforms will work like a charm. So, when making that crucial decision, trust your instincts!  Choose a chatbot builder that fits like a glove, delivering an exceptional customer experience and leaving a lasting impression. With the perfect chatbot by your side, the possibilities are endless! Join 100+ websites and try Robofy today. 



Can I try Robofy before committing to a paid plan?

Absolutely! Robofy offers a free plan that allows you to get a taste of its chatbot magic. With the free plan, you can crawl up to 5 pages of your website and set up your chatbot within minutes. It’s a great way to explore its features and see if it aligns with your needs.


How does Robofy’s chatbot continuously improve over time?

Robofy is not just an ordinary chatbot; it’s a learning wizard! It utilizes automated learning from your website content and customer feedback to become smarter with each interaction. This means that as it engages with your customers and gathers more data, it refines its responses and better understands and addresses queries.


What integrations does Robofy support?

Robofy supports various integrations for seamless customer communication, including chatbot integration, email integration, WhatsApp integration, callback integration, Facebook Messenger integration, and meetings integration. These integrations ensure your customers can connect with your business through multiple channels, enhancing their experience.