AI Chatbot for WooCommerce WordPress Plugin

WooCommerce is a free tool for WordPress websites that lets you make an online store. It’s like adding a shop to your website where you can show products, get orders, and take payments. You can get WooCommerce from the WordPress website. This article will show how WooCommerce and– an AI chatbot can massively enhance your WordPress website.

Features of Woocommerce

  • Easily build an online shop for your business:You can easily kickstart your online shop. An online store involves key decisions about its layout, navigation, transaction methods, and more.
  • Easy integration for payment gateway: Multiple, Trustworthy Payment Methods Woo seamlessly integrates major credit cards, direct bank transfers, checks, and even cash on delivery. But that’s not all – select from 140+ region-centric payment platforms including Stripe, PayPal, WooPayments, and more.
  • Manage orders on the go: Effortless Order Management Anytime, Anywhere Built atop WordPress, Woo offers an intuitive dashboard for shop owners to modify products and manage orders. Simplify your operations with auto-tax calculations, real-time shipping quotes, at-home label printing, and our handy mobile app available for both iOS and Android.

Now once you have your online store ready, it’s open for business, right?

But with a plethora of products to choose from the platform, questions may rise in the customer’s mind. This may even lead to a drop in visitor traffic overtime also affecting conversions in the process.

Robofy AI Chatbot has the perfect solution for this. It can crawl your website and all the product details along with this and convert it into a smart chatbot. So when a customer has any queries, the Robofy AI Chatbot for the website will be able to respond instantaneously.

Features of Robofy AI Chatbot:

  • Automated Chatbot training: Put your website link and Robofy AI chatbot will make a chatbot fast by looking at your website.
  • Multi channel integration: Use Robofy with apps like WhatsApp, FB Messenger, Gmail, Zoom, and Google Meet.
  • Inbox: See what your chatbot says in the dashboard inbox.
  • Editable replies: Change the chatbot’s answers if you want to make them better.

These are just some of the features that Robofy AI Chatbot for WordPress has to offer. Easily create the AI Chatbot within minutes.

WooCommerce goes well with WordPress.  Learn how Robofy AI chatbot makes the best AI Chatbot for WordPress Website Builder.