Top 11 ChatGPT Apps You Should Try in 2023

Let’s talk about ChatGPT, the awesome AI language model by OpenAI!  It’s taking the market by storm and has become a favourite for language-based assistance. But guess what? It still needs to get a mobile app!  Don’t worry, though, because, in 2023, some exceptional alternatives to ChatGPT are making waves in the AI chat app world!

Statistics show that AI chat apps are becoming a game-changer, with a staggering 75% increase in usage over the past year!  People love these apps’ seamless and efficient support, and the numbers keep growing.

We’ve got an exciting article lined up for you, showcasing the top 11 best AI ChatGPT apps of 2023. These apps have cutting-edge features and offer personalised experiences that will blow your mind!  

These AI chat apps are empowering users like never before! They provide quick answers, engage in captivating conversations, and offer personalised recommendations! Get ready to dive into the future of communication and assistance-seeking with these fantastic AI chat apps.


Here are the top 11 ChatGPT Apps

  1. Robofy
  2. ChatGPT3 for Android 
  3. ChatGod for Android 
  4. Aico AI Chat for Android 
  5. Wisdom AI
  6. Write for Me
  7. Wiz AI Chatbot Writing Helper
  8. Frank
  9. Chatsonic
  10. Alissu
  11. Genie 



Meet Robofy, the AI chatbot with an incredible omnichannel experience!  It’s an expert at automating customer support and driving sales for businesses of all sizes. What sets Robofy apart is its knack for personalised interactions, making every chat feel seamless and engaging.

The best part? Robofy does the heavy lifting for you! No more manual content extraction or bot training. Simply give it your website URL, and voilà! Robofy takes care of everything, saving you precious time and effort.

Give it a try? Just Sign up and leave the rest on Robofy!

With its AI-driven brilliance, Robofy understands what users need and provides relevant answers. So customers get exactly what they’re looking for, leaving them satisfied and returning for more.

But there’s more! Robofy can tag visitors, making marketing and CRM segmentation a breeze. With valuable user data at your fingertips, you can create targeted and effective marketing strategies.

Even better, Robofy is user-friendly, so you don’t need technical expertise to harness its power. It’s the perfect AI assistant to level your customer support and sales game! 


  • Free Plan: Robofy offers a lifetime free plan with no hidden conditions. It can read up to 5 pages of your website and provide personalized chatbot suggestions. You can choose affordable plans for seamless business scaling if your website has more pages.
  • Automate Customer Support: Robofy can answer customer questions 24/7, allowing your human support team to focus on complex issues.
  • Issue Resolution: Robofy efficiently resolves customer problems by accessing your website’s knowledge base and answering common questions.
  • Upsell Products: Robofy can suggest additional products based on customers’ purchases or browsing history, helping increase sales.
  • Continuous Monitoring: Robofy’s performance is continuously monitored, allowing you to track its effectiveness and make necessary improvements.
  • Multilingual Support: Robofy supports more than 50+ languages, including Spanish, English, and Portuguese.
  • Supported Content: Robofy can handle content from documents, web pages, and PDFs.
  • Supported Websites: Robofy works with Webflow, Wix, WordPress, Shopify, and other public websites.


Robofy AI Chatbot offers three pricing plans:

  • Starter: $9/month
    • Ideal for small businesses automating basic customer support tasks.
  • Standard: $19/month
    • Suitable for businesses automating more complex customer support tasks.
  • Pro: $29/month
    • Recommended for businesses requiring high-level customer support automation.

What’s More?

  • Robofy is available for WordPress, Shopify, and other platforms.
  • It is white label so that you can brand it as your own.
  • Robofy offers a free trial for you to try before making a purchase.

 We highly recommend you try Robofy for free right away!


ChatGPT3 for Android 

Introducing ChatGPT 3 for Android! It’s like having a super-smart AI chat companion in your pocket! This incredible app is powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT language model, making it one of the most advanced chatbots!

With ChatGPT 3, you can talk about anything and everything! From everyday chit-chat to deep conversations on various topics, it covers you. But that’s not all! Brace yourself for some real magic – it can even create cool stuff for you, like poems, code, scripts, music, emails, and letters! How cool is that?

Imagine having a friend who can chat with you endlessly and create creative surprises too! Well, that’s exactly what ChatGPT 3 is – your AI buddy that’s smart, fun, and always ready to help out!


ChatGod for Android 

Get ready to meet ChatGod, one of the most powerful AI chatbots!  This app is a fantastic choice for anyone seeking an extraordinary experience. Powered by the incredible GPT-3 language model, ChatGod can do wonders!

The best part? It’s not limited to just one thing – ChatGod is a multi-talented bot! Whether you need help with studying, want some fun and entertainment, or need a boost in productivity, ChatGod has your back!


Aico AI Chat for Android 

Here’s something awesome for you – Aico AI Chat, the ultimate personalized recommendation genie! If you’re looking for a chatbot that gets you, this is it! Aico AI Chat is a top-notch app powered by incredible artificial intelligence.

Aico AI Chat learns about your interests, what makes you tick, and your preferences too! With this super-smart knowledge, it works its magic and delivers tailored suggestions for you!

No more generic recommendations – Aico AI Chat understands you on a whole new level! Whether it’s movies, books, music, or even cool places to visit, Aico AI Chat’s got your back!


Wisdom AI 

Wisdom AI – your ultimate AI assistant, is here to make your life easier and more fun!  Wisdom AI is your go-to buddy if you’re searching for ChatGPT apps to do it all! Powered by advanced AI technology, it’s a real multitasker!

Need a little nudge to remember important stuff? Wisdom AI has your back with reminders that’ll keep you on track! Want to schedule appointments without breaking a sweat? Done! Wisdom AI can handle it all effortlessly!

But wait, there’s more! Wisdom AI isn’t just about being super helpful; it’s also a fantastic conversationalist! Got a burning question or want to discuss your favourite hobbies? Look no further! Wisdom AI is the perfect companion for some engaging chitchat on various topics!


Write For Me 

Introducing Write For Me, the ultimate writing buddy in ChatGPT apps!  If you want some writing magic, this app is your genie in the bottle!

Say goodbye to writer’s block because Write For Me can whip up fantastic text that’ll blow your mind! Need to translate something? No problemo! It’s got language skills that’ll make you go, “Wow!”

But wait, there’s more! Write For Me isn’t just about mundane tasks – it’s your creative sidekick too! Whether it’s crafting compelling stories, imaginative poems, or unique content, this app will spark your creativity like never before! And guess what? When you’re curious about something, Write For Me is your encyclopedia! It’s super informative and loves answering your questions!


Wiz AI Chatbot Writing Helper 

Need some writing magic to make your words shine? Look no further than Wiz AI Chat Bot, the enchanting gem among ChatGPT apps!  If you want to level up your writing game, Wiz AI Chat Bot is your secret weapon!

Imagine having a trusty companion by your side, guiding you through the writing journey. Wiz AI Chat Bot is a master of grammar, punctuation, and style – the ultimate writing wizard that’ll wave its wand and make your sentences sparkle!

But wait, there’s more! Wiz AI Chat Bot isn’t just about fixing the technical stuff – it’s a true wordsmith! Need some help coming up with brilliant text? Poof! Wiz AI Chat Bot can conjure mesmerising words and phrases, leaving you spellbound!



Meet Frank, the ultimate chatbot extraordinaire among ChatGPT apps!  If you’re searching for a chatbot that’s a blast to talk to, look no further!

Frank is not your average Joe – the mind-blowing GPT-3 language model powers it! This means it’s super smart and can chat about anything under the sun. From your favourite hobbies to deep discussions, Frank’s got your back!

But wait, there’s more! Frank is a true creative genius! Need a poem to tug at your heartstrings? No problem! Craving some cool code or musical piece? Frank can whip those up too! Oh, and it doesn’t stop there – it can even draft amazing emails and letters for you!

You won’t believe how much fun and excitement you can have with Frank! It’s like having a witty and talented friend on your phone, always ready to entertain you and create amazing things!



Get ready to meet the jack-of-all-trades among ChatGPT apps – Chatsonic, the ultimate chatty wonder!  If you want a chatbot that can do it all, look no further!

Chatsonic is not your ordinary talker – the mind-boggling GPT-3 language model powers it! That means it’s brilliant and we can chat about anything and everything! From your favourite hobbies to the mysteries of the universe, Chatsonic’s got your back!

But hold on, and it gets even better! Chatsonic is a creative maestro too! Need a heartfelt poem or a mesmerising musical piece? It can whip those up in no time! Fancy some cool code or a well-crafted script? Chatsonic can handle that too! Oh, and don’t forget, it can draft impressive emails and letters like a true pro.



Let me introduce you to Alissu, the incredible chatbot tutor among ChatGPT apps! If you’re searching for a brilliant teacher, look no further!

Alissu is no ordinary chatbot – the amazing GPT-3 language model powers it! This means it’s super knowledgeable and can have enlightening conversations about anything you can think of!

But hold on; there’s more to this genius! Alissu is your ultimate learning buddy! Need help with programming? It’s got your back! Want to master a new language? Alissu can be your guide! From learning new skills to exploring fascinating topics, it’s the go-to mentor for your quest for knowledge!



Say hello to Genie, the magical chatbot you’ve been waiting for among ChatGPT apps! If you need information and awesome recommendations, Genie is your ultimate wish-granter!

Genie is unlike any ordinary chatbot – the remarkable GPT-3 language model powers it! This means it’s super smart and can tap into the vast treasure trove of information from the real world through Google Search. Whatever you need to know, Genie has the answer!

Genie is not just a know-it-all – it’s a true creative expert too! Need a heartfelt poem that tugs at your heartstrings? Genie can conjure it up! Want a piece of mind-blowing code or a captivating musical composition? Genie can create that magic for you too! Oh, and don’t forget, it can even craft impressive emails and letters like a pro wordsmith!


Wrapping Up on Best ChatGPT Apps 

In the fast-paced world of AI chat apps, 2023 has been a game-changing year! We’ve witnessed an incredible evolution in this landscape, giving users numerous outstanding alternatives to ChatGPT.

These apps are the epitome of cutting-edge technology, using advanced natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to deliver lightning-fast and personalised responses. It’s like having your very own virtual assistant at your fingertips! 

The mobile era has truly been transformed by these AI chat apps, seamlessly blending technology with human-like interactions. They’ve become our go-to companions for quick information, engaging conversations, and customised recommendations. 

And guess what? The journey doesn’t end here! These apps constantly evolve, learning from user feedback, and refining their algorithms to provide an even better user experience. They are expanding their knowledge bases, growing smarter daily to cater to our needs better. 



What makes Robofy stand out among other AI chatbots?

Robofy offers an incredible omnichannel experience, automating customer support and driving sales for businesses of all sizes. What sets it apart is its personalized interactions, making every chat feel seamless and engaging. Unlike other chatbots, Robofy does not require manual content extraction or bot training; simply provide your website URL, and it takes care of everything. It also excels at understanding user needs, providing relevant answers, and even tagging visitors for effortless marketing and CRM segmentation.


Can I try Robofy before purchasing any of its plans?

Absolutely! Robofy offers a free trial, allowing you to experience its features and benefits before committing to any plan. Take advantage of the trial to see how Robofy can streamline your customer support and sales processes and make an informed decision based on your firsthand experience.


What is Robofy’s Free Plan?

Robofy’s Free Plan offers a lifetime free subscription with no hidden conditions. In this plan, the AI chatbot can read up to 5 pages of content on your website and provide personalized chatbot suggestions based on the information it gathers. If your website has more than five pages, Robofy offers affordable plans that allow seamless business scaling.