ChatGPT for Knowledge

How To Build ChatGPT for Knowledge Base

Generative AI is becoming a big thing, and it’s not going anywhere!  Over the last decade, it has gained massive acceptance and attention in various industries. Over the last decade, it has gained massive acceptance and attention in various industries, with a staggering 85% increase in its adoption rate! And guess what? With ChatGPT entering … Read more

Custom Chatbot with ChatGPT

How To Build & Train a Custom Chatbot with ChatGPT

We all know what chatbots are. But for those of you who still don’t get the crux of it, let me put it simply for you. Imagine a robot that can chat with you…that’s basically a chatbot. Yes, it’s actually that simple. Chatbots are trained and friendly robots that talk to you like a real … Read more

how to setup webhook

Integrate WhatsApp, Calendly, Zoom, FB Messenger, Email with Robofy

In this blog we will explore how we can use the Robofy chatbot to help your visitors connect with you across multiple channels like WhatsApp, Email, Meetings and FB Messenger. Login to Robofy Dashboard: To enable all WhatsApp, FB, Email etc channels, we need to log in to and click on the “Edit chatbot … Read more

how to improve chatbot response

How to improve Robofy chatbot responses?

Are you not getting your desired responses from Robofy chatbot? Follow the below steps to improve chatbot replies instantly or you can refer to the below video.  Step 1 Enhance Chatbot’s Performance:  To enhance our chatbot’s performance, we must provide it with relevant training. On the Robofy website itself, I asked the chatbot a … Read more

Customer Support AI Chatbot

7 Best Customer Support AI Chatbot in 2023

Customer support is the backbone of every business. When a customer feels like their opinions, issues, and interests are valued, they feel good and important. This feeling is projected with the high brand quality and product in customers’ minds. When such a connection is made, they are more likely to purchase the product or return … Read more

best ai chatbots

11 Best AI Chatbot in 2023 [Complete Review and Comparison]

AI chatbot is revolutionizing the way work is done. With the ever increasing popularity of AI technology , it is becoming more affordable. Businesses of all types are embracing AI technology. AI chatbot is one such software which has gained popularity ever since ChatGPT was launched. But since then, ChatGPT is only the tip of … Read more

ai chatbot

All You Need to Know About AI Chatbot in 2023

What is an AI chatbot? The AI chatbot is a program that can easily process and stimulate human conversations. Because of this humans can interact with digital devices as if they were having a conversation with a human. But in technical terms, an AI chatbot is a computer program that uses powerful artificial intelligence (AI) … Read more

best Chatbase Alternatives in 2024

Top Chatbase Alternatives in 2024

The AI chatbot world is evolving very fast. There are several players coming into the market every week to build a chatbot on top of the GPT technologies.  One such player in the market is Chatbase. Here in this article, we will discuss the top five ChatBase alternatives you should consider in 2024, focusing on … Read more